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Epidemiological Studies on Resistance and Antibiotic Use

    The database created will allow carrying out the following types of studies:

  • Assessment of interventions: through specific techniques of Time Series Analysis (Analysis of Intervention) is able to evaluate the effectiveness of different control measures that could be implemented in several fields: restriction of the use of certain antibiotics, how the role of the consultant physician in infectious diseases influences the antimicrobial use, population education campaigns etc…

  • Comparative studies on:
    • Resistance Levels
    • Antibiotic use levels
  • Specific studies of the relationship between antibiotic use and resistance, in order to better understand how selected microorganisms select antibiotic resistance. Such studies can shed light on other types of research focused on the search for genetic mechanisms of resistance. The many antibiotic-microbe relationships that can easily analyze may suggest mechanism for selecting resistant strains glimpsed not far (ie the combined use of antibiotics even when they do not belong to the same treatment group of resistance under study: Can widespread use of levofloxacin select strains of Enterobacteriaceae producing beta-lactamases extended-spectrum?
  • The large database created should also be offered to researchers interested in non-project specific studies (eg theses) in accordance with the rules of use and privacy established.